Path of Exile: Legion Jewel

Path of Exile: Legion Jewel

Players who play the Path of Exile know the importance of equipment fusion. Next, here are some collocation usage for players:

Supreme Decay (Cadillo)
The health recovery from potions also acts on the energy shield, and the health recovery from potions is reduced by an additional 30%. Explanation: You can use blood medicine to back shield, drink blood medicine and return blood to es at the same time, but the amount of recovery is reduced by 30%; the anemia school can choose anemia to return to a shield of about 1300 in a single bite (no talent bonus) Common bd: only anemia es genre will be used. PS: You can try the anemia and the amount of recovery plus the medicinal effect to increase the amount of recovery and trigger the shield.

Supreme Show (Victorio)
Allies and enemies around you share energy balls with you. Hitting your enemies has a 10% chance to get an endurance ball, a rage ball, or a crit ball. Explanation: If the enemy hits you, you have the probability to get the ball, but if it gets the ball, you will also have the ball. Strengthening it also strengthens you: the same can also be achieved by friendly forces. The energy ball is not just a tri-color ball, there are many balls, enlightenment balls, and the guard's challenge ball (the guard sublimation will be effective) can share. The common BD: the sharp bow of the nihility ice bow (the avatar keeps the POE Currency nihility arrow and shoots infinitely). PS: The name of the jewelry shows that unless you have a very good usage, forget it. No one wants to see the Apocalypse Warrior take a few green ball ghosts and attack speed.

Supreme Self (Chester)
You can only get a constant aura from your skills. Your aura effect does not affect your teammates. The total aura effect on your body is increased by an additional 50%, and the total mana retention is increased by an additional 50%. Explanation: You can only have one type of aura, but it is not a halo that can be taken, the total effect is increased and the effect is not affected is literally (equal to the aura effect more, the general talent is given to inc), the total magic retention is not only aura Plus, you have to add the shortcut if you are open, always. Common BDs: Various single-circle genres (Angry Cyclone Slash, Thunder Cyclone Slash, Thunder Pikachu's pumping burst, and recent forums also hate Assassin Knife Array). PS: The high retention of magic means that you must use blood magic without opening, or bring a worm ring, or do nothing to leave the blue enough to put skills; if you want to Buy POE Orbs open, only Can choose to reduce the magic power or take the queen's head; no matter how strong the single aura is, it still can't compare with the multiple aura.

These are suggestions from an old player on the Path of Exile. If you think his suggestions are good, you can adopt it. I hope his suggestions will give you a better gaming experience. Finally, I also wish that the Path of Exile is getting better and better.