It was awful when you could alter it if I got really annoyed by it

It was awful when you could alter it if I got really annoyed by it

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It was awful when you could alter it if I got really annoyed by it, in battle, but when they left it so that you cant be in combat is. Same with the ability to move the buff/debuff pubs, you was able to perform it but now you have to OSRS gold do it. These are the most important two that bug me, although I am sure there's more they have done similar to. Idk if it's correct or not, but I have heard that it had been done for the development of mobile and making that easier, which is a solution imo. This sport isn't primarily mobile and a mobile game should not cause us to eliminate functionality of straightforward things when on a PC.

This is a result of having individuals that don't perform rs and have no interest in the game developing because of it. They are making arbitrary decisions based off what they believe, rather than considering the games history and what works for the game.I LOVED it when it was close to a toggle page which also revealed combat level. For RS3 really are a wreck, there should be a simpler solution for this!All configurations, autoattack is in precisely the exact same location as text options. Useful settings are concealed under trash that was useless one cares about, and in general the UI is a mess because of the 100 windows and popups. Idk, I kinda gave up on it being usable or consumer friendly.We'll see.

Could we buff Dungeoneering somehow not to allow it to be dead?

Trying to get 120 dungeneering, and unless it is double exp or either token weekend, there is. Considering how solo's are in comparison to performing 5 guy larges, could jmods buff exp rates that are solo? Or create 5 guy worth? No1 does dung to get tokens is farming that is token, coz not you get amount of tokens, you also great exp and cash that is good. Perhaps even upgrade the rewards to acquire a something good or rewarding? We shouldnt need to rely on sinkholes and dailies to get a skill to 120.

I can not agree, I have 120 dung but dungeoneering needs a buff. The player experience is terrible although finding teams is do able with patience if you're currently 80 +. Solo exp should be raised. I think solo xp is nice after the buffs, at higher floors. I believe the way that they need to buff it's by flooring giving similar xp rates so that osrs how to buy gold you dont have to rush, getting tiny quantities of xp. Also by removing or speeding up slow puzzles.Another idea - what about puzzles were said by giving dung XP from those? That way it wouldn't require a reworking of how those puzzles mechanically work but might buff the overall xp.