I personally enjoy the goal-oriented arrangement of the game

I personally enjoy the goal-oriented arrangement of the game

This, along with a lot of goofy little things, create a Animal Crossing New Horizons Items peaceful encounter turn sour in this kind of unnecessary manner.

I really HATED the lengthy, tedious tutorial of NH. I understand they wanted it to feel like you are developing a city on a distant island from nothing, but it had been this kind of constant slog to get through.

They could have condensed it into like the first three days of playing but spreading it out over two weeks was not enjoyable in any way. The first few days were just walking around and picking weeds basically because you could not even get Your Entire island or the main buildings were under construction

Can we get some voices within this thread from people who really enjoyed the game? It's going to end up being the best selling game in the change at the end of the year and each of the best remarks are just"game is dull". I'd rather hear from those who really like Animal Crossing games and listen to how they would want to improve the series going forward.

I began playing a couple weeks back and I personally enjoy the goal-oriented arrangement of the game. I feel like I can make progress developing my island while I play and I enjoy knowing that I will be rewarded with new instruments and new buildings for performing simple tasks. I also like the Nookmiles achievement system, even though at this point I'm not quite sure what to spend them on besides for clothing.

We can begin improving by making the villagers have more meaningful connections and discussions, they now feel like setpieces.

Yes this was my number one gripe. I whole enjoy the buy Animal Crossing Bells game (almost 300 hours! ) ) But villagers will give you a top. Talk to them. They act like you have not seen them all day. Wonderful.