This is what Madden attempts to pass as man to man

This is what Madden attempts to pass as man to man

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Imo, MUT is some thing that I did when it first came out then never did because it has gone the next calendar year, not like a Mut 20 coins free package. I get MUT has room for improvement I agree with everything you said (non earning casual MUT won't ever happen tho, actually ), but when I am being real, I like MUT was only gone as it has triggered everything else to have ignored.

MUT at its form was when I enjoyed it the most. Not a dozen game modes, only a h2h, gauntlet or cpu game which was it, out of grinding struggles. Now they've added a lot of its just hard to keep up. Went on and got a pack with some cool free 90ovr guys, but all in all if you're not on it to complete challenges since they release you then drop WAY behind. I understand they'll not have a casual non-purchasing variant.

Even then, I like to select a team, trade away almost everyone for as many 1st round selections as possible (typically secure high 15-18). Start week 7 so I can view the rookies to know what areas I have to keep or move for in FA. More entertaining, would like to start looking into slider and such, never been a enormous franchise man until this season, but damn is the trade broken. Never approves for me personally if attempt to get 2+ selections to move DOWN from the current round.

Franchise has been the forefront of Madden players. MUT has become the focal point for developers though as it's simple, fast and a money-grab. Gameplay effects all manners, so it is not like they'll go thin there. But all this does not matter. EA won't address community pleas. EA will market MUT until it isn't profitable (but it always will be). We will have to wait and see exactly what 2K does with non-sim and see where the NFL permit is accepted and that will be if Madden gets a significant shift or the permit belongs to 2K and EA is driven out.

This is what Madden attempts to pass as man to man

It will be accepted as long as people are spending millions on mut they have no incentive to mend Madden. It is going to forever be the worst sports game. This is why we need the XFL to succeed so we can can have another 2K game. Ik everybody believes that 2k coming back could be soccer video games savior, however they've devolved into a arguably worse business than ea. EA gave up on competing in basketball a buy Madden 20 coins couple of times already, what makes you think they would keep going if madden sales dropped from competitors?