The NBA 2K20 Kids stays in Santiago

The NBA 2K20 Kids stays in Santiago

NBA 2K20 MT Coins Martín Portabales from Colegio Rosalía won the representative of C.B Peleteiro in the final of the NBA 2K20 Autonomous Tournament in a Santiago derby. Portabales prevailed in an organized competition on this popular video game that brought together 32 representatives of Galician clubs. Portabales won 64-57.

The Galician basketball team as the elders did two weeks ago cheap NBA 2K20 MT Coins played this Sunday the NBA 2K20 Autonomous Tournament in Kids version for children and minibasket which has been organized by the Seis do Nadal-Coia with the support of the Galician Basketball Federation and with the collaboration of SCQ Free Kick. The competition could be followed throughout the day on the channel that the Vigo club has on Twitch.

Each of the 32 clubs had previously held the internal tournament to choose their representatives. The Alevín Gael Champeme from the Seis do Nadal reached the semifinals falling before the one who would be the champion. Dani Camacho Moyano from Porriño PBB reached the round of 16 and the Salesianos Vigo player lost in the first round.

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